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Donna Ascher

Donna loves everything about photography and is a passionate cook, baker and grill meister. She can drive a stick-shift car, stand on her head and make her own blackberry jam.


Donna's photographs appear in Industry, Spin and Trek.

Sara Berry

Sara owns Root Dog Training in suburban Chicago. When she's not training, showing or photographing dogs, she races around the country in an attempt to visit all 50 states before her son turns 10. This allows her to exercise her photography degree from MICA in Baltimore, Md.


Sara's photographs appear in Industry and Trek.

Laura Luce

Laura creates and collects contemporary photographs. She is particularly interested in mid-century modern architecture and design. She lives in Lake Forest, Ill., and travels extensively pursuing photography.


Laura's photographs appear in Spin and Trek.

Cathi Kern Borushek

Cathi is a managing editor at

Jody Magrady

Jody received her MFA in Photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After a career in information systems she became an adjunct professor at Columbia College and a photography instructor at the Art Center Highland Park, Ill. She is a lifelong learner, traveler and swimmer.




Jody's work appears in Industry, Spin, Trek and Resolution.