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Judy Andersen

Judy is a writer and former publications editor whose favorite day of the week is Thursday when she meets with her writing group. She fantasizes that they're the Algonquin Round Table reincarnated and can't wait for them all to become famous writers.


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Traci Failla

Traci is an award-winning writer and marketing communications consultant. Her clients expect her to write about truthful things and real people, so she spends her time off the clock writing short stories, what she dares to call a novel in progress, and musings about midlife and music at


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Ellen Fowler Hummel

Andrea Friederici Ross

Andrea is the author of “Let the Lions Roar! The Evolution of Brookfield Zoo” and is currently working on a novel.


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Ellen is a managing editor at

Julia Sweeney

Pamela Epstein Levy

Pam is a former clinical social worker and current stay-at-home mother of three boys. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work, neither of which has been of any help with her parenting skills. She enjoys exercise of all types, but her true love is spinning.


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Julia is a writer, actress and performer whose work includes: Saturday Night Live;  one-woman monologues, including God Said, Ha! and Letting Go of God; and screen writing for television and movies. If It's Not One Thing It's Your Mother is Julia's most recent book.


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Sue McCoy

Sue is passionate about art, having spent her career as an art educator in several states, and as a Curator of Education at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Retired, she lives in both Arizona and California, and continues to create her own art in paint and clay. She enjoys traveling to out-of-the-way places, edits her husband’s books, and continues to learn and enjoy life.


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